Are you holding you back?

In light of upcoming Black History Month, we all know the message of pioneer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One of his most famous adages was, “I have a dream.”

And though he is gone now, his dream has materialized, lives on and has touched millions of lives.

What about your dream? I’m sure we all have dreams of our futures. It may be a financial dream, a physical dream or many ideas threaded into one big ole beautiful dream. 😀 I mean, I have many of my own. My real question to you (and me) is, what are you doing now to make your dream a reality?

I can personally say that fear is a major paralyzer. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of whatever. But let’s aim to push past that fear this year and “possess the land.”

Go back to school. No, you’re not too old.

Build that relationship you thought was broken beyond repair.

Put yourself in a mode of preparation so that everything is in place as everything when the things you’ve invested in finally begin to unfold. It’s like building a well cause you wanna save some of that rain you know is coming. And this rain is good, purifying and refreshing.

If we have a problem, it’s time to stop thinking about the issue and find the solution.

Yea..I’m reading this saying ‘yup, its time to get me together’ cuz a vision without a plan is just a daydream.

Dream big and live big too! 🙂


One thought on “MORNIN’ MUSIN’

  1. Kristina says:

    I always say, the only thing you need to unlock your destiny is a dream. I believe in dreams. I am a dreamer. And I don’t think of it as living in a fantasy world; I am simply projecting an image and bringing it to fruition. How else do you suppose I get what I want out of this life? 😉


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