SushiSamba! ooo-la-la!

SushiSamba was one of the over 300-odd restaurants that participated in this year’s Restaurant Week (which, by the way, was extended for the remainder of the month and for some, till March–go eat!).

Nestled in Greenwich Village, SushiSamba was indeed a pipin’ hot! choice for Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. Select courses were chosen from the main menu to cook up the special 3-course tasting menu for both lunch and dinner. Just the initial sight of the menu, that I sneak-peeked before  I went, was mouthwatering. Hey, you would too at delicacies like the Tuna and Avocado Salad with fresh lime, olive oil and sea salt or the  Tsukiji Market Sushi Plate with yellowtail, salmon, madai, yellowfin tuna and the salt and pepper squid roll.

With choices like that, it was hard to narrow down my selections to three: Duck Confit Gyoza, Cast-Iron Hanger Steak and the Doce de Leite Santarém Chocolate Cake…did somebody say yummy?! Ok and yes, I ate a couple other tasty appetizer numbers as well.

Ok, the duck was absolutely delightful. I loved the various textures–the crunchy toasted almond slivers, with smooth sweet potato puree and of course, the brown-butter-soy-covered duck. Boy, that was a mouthful! The steak was good as well. I ordered it medium well, which is usually perfect for me but it wasn’t as tender as I would have liked. The chocolate cake with toasted coconut and beer ice cream was delicious! Left nothing to be desired.


Overall, it was a great experience with great customer service, witty waiters and a spirited atmosphere. Thanks, SushiSamba! I’ve bookmarked you and if I weren’t as full as I was, I would have tango’d right outta there! 🙂


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