Blogging about blogging…

Hi world!

It sure has been a while..

….I have made many realizations in the recent past-some of which I’ll share later. But for now, I simply have to blog about a blogger. I’ve been semi-stalking his site recently and am now pretty much in love with his blog. He has become my blogidol. Sounds like some loony version of the pain-killer but I’ll tell you that his blog has numbed my laziness and re-awakened me to getting my thoughts out via blogosphere again. I’m stretching as I type..

Enough raving and more facts..Why I fell in love. lol. I happened to bump into his blog because I was doing research on encouraging yourself as well as others-you know, on just being happy. What I found made me smile, dance and giggle and want others to do the same. You gotta! watch it to understand. It’s a GUARANTEED smile 😀  —>


I then realized he had a similar belief system as I do and subscribed to his blog. Blissss…Everyday my inbox gets hit with a helpful tidbit-ranging from book reviews and online media tips to how to market yourself compellingly… in the time span you would spend in an elevator. I LOVE IT!

Anyway, the blog that inspired me to blog is his post giving some ins and outs of blogging and how to do it well, while having your own outside life.

My new BASICS: as per MH

1. Start the night before-think about what you wanna post

2. Keeep on thinking. Let the thoughts simmer.

3. (one of the best hints ever)–> GO OFFLINE using a site like It shuts down your email and all social networks and in order to get back to them, you have to reboot your comp. NOW, if you’re anything like me, facebook/twitter/gmail/etc are all welcome distractions. I’ve always wanted a method of getting away without de-activating and this is definitely my new way out.

4. Set a timer. Basically, give yourself a deadline-create way, if the aforesaid distractions are not turned off, you feel like you have a requirement to do before a certain time.

5. Write without editing. This speaks to the writer in me. I am actually a very old-fashioned writer. I write best when I hand-write. I’m actually in the process of re-developing my writing callous on my middle right finger. It went away once I got my first part-time job and stopped writing as often but I’m happily working at it again.

These were the most important posts to me but you can check out the other six here. I thought it was just me but after chatting with a couple friends, we realized that blogging can be like your plant-you gotta water it and fluff up the soil every once in a while. Otherwise, it just becomes a lil dry. It’s all a personal thing. So we shall see how my blogging journey goes. Baby steps!

Good night, world!

-Peace out





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