and I’m not talking about Alicia Keys song..

Good afternoon world! Let me take you along with me on this journey..

I’ve been, you know, doing the normal life stuff-working, going out, having fun, not really eating right..you get the picture. Then, last Friday, while trying out this Thai Restaurant, I became acutely aware of a weird sensation in my chest. I kinda ignored it and kept on eating-chili flavored chicken with bamboo shoots and jasmine rice-YUM!

I’m done, I start walking outside and BOOM! I felt it again-sort of a volcanic eruption in my chest-rising, rising, rising to my throat and falling down like a cold raindrop back down into my stomach. I became so bewildered and called a friend who told me I probably had acid reflux, “dont worry, everybody gets it every once in a while.” Reassured, I tried to ignore the feeling and go about my ways for the rest of the weekend. Unsuccessfully. By Tuesday, I felt super gassy and bloated, my chest was constantly on fire, and most importantly-I never ever enjoyed eating anymore..that is a no-no!

At the direction of another doc, I went to the ER in evening after work. What an experience. Long story short, the doc agreed with my prognosis, tried and failed to take blood out of my itty bitty veins 😦 and pumped me up with Protonix IV for the GERD (whose side effects almost made me faint when I looked it up later). I left there tired, sore from being punctured for no reason and not really any wiser.

That was Tuesday and today is Saturday. Ladies and gentlemen, I am truly tired of the no-real-answer, quick fix, pill-popping, frustrated-sick-person-being people that we are forced to be! No offense to any or all the docs out there but c’mon, we have got to do better! People need real, in-depth, relatable and practical answers for their medical issues. Half the time, I don’t even understand what’s really wrong with me, though I just paid $45 for this random bottle of meds that I’m about to take.

Well, it is not happening this time. I am taking matters into my own hands and getting answers. And it may take some time but ::shrug:: we have nothing to lose but knowledge. The next post about health will be some of my findings on this prevalent issue. Stay tuned !

~Burninnnn uppp!



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