A day in the life of…a Village Underground audience member

Sharing another journal entry of a past day–I believe it was Independence Day weekend 2011..please enjoy!


I have to write quickly about my experience tonight..”Quickly” because its 8 minutes to 5 a.m. “I have to” because I feel so full. Yes, I feel full off of music. Raw, undiscovered talent mixed with tapped-into, mature and solid talent = a cocktail of blissful wonderful (and at times, eccentric) music.. ::sigh of happiness:: I came back not-too-long ago from the Village Underground in New York City at the Fat Black Pussycat)–hosted by renowned Ron Grant. Long story short, its like going to live karaoke. If you sign up to sing, you go up and the band will know the song you’ll sing. As in, yea they pretty much know every song. It’s pretty ridiculous when I think about it so I keep my amazement of their seemingly limitless song base floating somewhere in my dreamy euphoria. I must sound crazy..lol..I’m really serious. Tonight, I was moved on so many levels.  The band. #enoughsaid. The hosts are always good as well. Ron Grant was by himself today and kept it moving as foreigners and excited “we have tomorrow off!!” NYers flooded the space.  And the diversity of the crowd is really analogous to how I feel. Excitement when “Lady _________rocks the stage with Tina’s “keep on burning”–handstands and all. Touched when Ron Grant takes the time to push a shy singer beyond her usual vocal limits. Inspired when she realizes she actually can do it. Blown away when renowned singer, Kimberly Nicole posseses the crowd with her energy and kind of hypnotizing voice. Then Miss Shamara BLOWS us away as she nonchalantly rifted her website in the middle of the bridge..i mean, it’s almost too much. But it’s just right. What a night!

5 a.m.

Signing off….


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