Morning (more like evening!) Musing

Sluggish..downtrodden..discouraged..impatient..anxious…for the next page to turn, the next chapter to start…I’m not really feeling this place right here–can we leave?

Have you been there before?

I like to call it the interim. The place where you’re in position for the next blessing in your life to flow right in, except it seems nowhere in sight. It’s still out of your reach. You’re not quite sure if it’s right around this bend you happen to be turning.

Let’s get heart-to-heart here..I am in my interim. Waiting. And learning to enjoy the journey. Grimacing, yes. But realizing that each step here is crucial to the next realm I’m about to enter. I’m penning this to encourage you as I simultaneously encourage myself. Your change IS within reach and around the corner. Each step makes your stride stronger, longer and more appreciative of where you’ll reach. Continue to build yourself and embrace the journey that will morph you into an Olympian, in your own right.

This time around, we will be….EXPECTANT. HOPEFUL. READY.



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