Morning musings!

Today’s gratitudes

Thank you lord that I have food to eat
That I didn’t have to buy it
But that I had the skill to cook it
Thankful that I have both of my parents alive and well
And that they’re married and he doesnt hit her
And that she is his cheerleader..ugh I hated that as a child
Thank you that I inherited my mothers penchant for phone number memorization and my fathers creativity
Thank you for allowing me to use my talents as a child, see that I’m not using them now and helping me to use them in the future
Getting back to my parents-I thank you that they were strict, forced cod liver down our throats and wouldn’t allow us to eat whole sticks of gum or whole bars of chocolate
My now size 6 body is grateful
Thank you for allowing them to see that their 12 am for their over 21 yr olds curfew thing just wasn’t workin
Thank you for allowing me to have friends that took me in after midnight when I realized they were serious
Thank you that I have a job
O what liberty
I can go shopping and pay my ever increasing-this is gonna take too long to pay off-school loans
Thank you for allowing me to meet cool people at work that I vibe with right before they decide to find a new job
And though its gonna smell like the heavily seasoned tofu and broccoli i cooked for lunch, Thank you for this lounge at work that I snuck away to because they don’t have a real lunchroom
and back to my parents again–though they made us their personal household slaves/minions, we can split a chicken faster than the average restaurant chef :-/ and clean up a whole house in less than a day
I thank you that one day I’m going to look back at all the things I worried about today and laugh
That when I look back I’ll be so (and I am) overwhelmed with your love and gratitude that I’ll have to help someone who was where I was
Thank you for the courage to overcome my negative thoughts
Thank you for making me realize I can’t do it by myself
Thank you for showing me a different way to complain
Thank you for the husband you’ve made especially for me
Whose gonna be a you-fearing, a worshipper, wise with his decision making so I wont be afraid to submit to him and….taller than me (sigh)
Thank you for helping me to lose control and for giving it all up to you
I thank you that I have no other options but to turn to you cuz everything else is just not satisfying enough
I thank you for clearing up my confusion and making me vibrant
Thank you for the sinews in my wrist that indicate that my one fingered typing must come to an end..
In all things I give thanks..

(written on my IPhone)

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