Morning Musin

My teeth are pregnant.

Yup, I’ve just confirmed and I’m all geared up to go. Luckily I knew this was coming so I got to prepare my mind for what was to come. The painful yet highly anticipated arrival of my little, transparent body-changing…Braces. Yes. In nine months, accordingly to my good ole doc, I’ll emerge from her office with perfectly straight pearly cremes.

Till I come back for my teeth whitening.

OK I’m done with the dramatics. Real talk now. I was sooo nervous before today because I didn’t know what to expect. I kept asking people for tips and what to do. I had already read so much on the net about it..about things like spacers and lisps and pain..but people weren’t really much help to me either. Most had gone the metal mouth route years ago or berated me for getting them in the first place. I started to get annoyed at the “wait, so why are you doing this again?” so I (kinda) stopped asking, (mostly) stopped researching and just waited in nervousness (since I had no choice).

The truth is, yea, I probably could’ve gone without them but I always wanted them, my dentist always wanted me to get them and my insurance was paying for them. So I did what I wanted to do.

So as I walked out the doc’s office today with my teeth, tongue and gums protesting against Invisalign’s invasion, I realized something. I wasn’t nervous any more.

As I thought about it some more, I realized I stopped being nervous right after the receptionist showed me a before/after picture of someone who recently finished her treatment. And her before looked like me now. The image of what was to come superseded most of my fear and filled me with a giddy anticipation. By the time I was in the room with the doc, I was on this interesting concoction of high–bright-eyed and curious with some residual nerves.  Throughout the installment, I forced muffled inquiries through cotton balls and machines that made my mouth dry–the doc probably couldn’t wait to get me out her chair.

But then there is the slow slide into reality as the pain resonates within me and I think…..
This is like life. We see where we are currently and we see where we want to go. Where we are might not be a terrible place to be but there are so many opportunities to grow. Then we make that conscious decision to give up our current comforts in order to realize that goal.

What are some of your pregnant possibilities? Or your “It’s hard but it’s worth it!” road to where you want to be? Maybe you’re still deciding if it’s worth it.  I think the pursuit of higher, better, more is always worth it.

Time to read positive (+). Time to get preggers.


3 thoughts on “Morning Musin

  1. Amber K. Boyd! (@DuhSheRocks) says:

    Ooooo thanks for this song! And I love this post! For so many reasons. One being that I sooo want Invisalign too but being sans insurance right now it’ll have to wait. Please keep us posted on your experience (or just me since i’m not sure how many people want to know the day to day details of bleeding gums, if that is in fact an occurrence.)


    • LoLee says:

      LOL! I absolutely will. No bleeding gums but I was allergic to my first tray…luckily I was able to get hypo-allergenic trays made from Invisalign and will get my second set on Wednesday.


  2. Shay says:

    Even though you’re excited about your pregnancy, birthing new expectations can be scary sometimes. You have no clue what you’re having….don’t know if it will have two heads…and just thinking about the labor pains can be enough to scare ya away from the whole thing. But I guess from a spiritual standpoint, we know that God is gonna hold our hand through the whole thing. So at the end of the birth….no matter how painful/wonderful the process was—we can feel relieved knowing we made it through with Him.

    This made me think of “Manifest” by Jonathan Nelson or TDJakes

    Verse 1
    Pregnant possibilities now birth anew,
    travailing to obtain it for it must come to pass.
    I decree it, declare it, and call it in the Spirit
    to become what God’s designed me to be.

    Verse 2
    Your future, your promises shall be fulfilled,
    yes, you shall obtain it for it must come to pass.

    Vamp 1
    I decree it, declare it,
    and call it in the Spirit.

    Vamp 2
    Manifest, manifest,
    manifest, manifest.

    Become what God’s designed me to be.
    Become what God’s designed you to be.
    Become what God’s designed you to be.


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