A night in the life of…Keith Campbell

Preface: Please follow the story carefully. I know I ramble. Now read.


“ Sis, I don’t know who this guy is but you need to come NOW…!”

Spontaneity is the move nowadays. Fashion Night Out (FNO) wasn’t even supposed to happen. I wore some cute shoes with a regular work outfit just in case and hours later, tossed them on the sidewalk to comfortably gaze at “this guy’s” sheer skill.

This guy, unbeknownst to me, had worked with the likes of Chrisette Michelle, the ball-blasting Williams sisters and Nia Long.

But right then at FNO, all I knew was the whirlwind of activity at Limelight Marketplace. Music was blasting, hair was falling and my sister was getting her hair cut!

The beginning: I had turned the corner of 20th St. that night to something amazing. Ya’ll, I’m an artist at heart. So you can’t blame me for stopping in my tracks when I saw drab hairstyles slither away into hot femme tresses. When I saw hair become the canvas for a masterpiece right there on the street. Little did I know that I had been caught in the Keith Campbell Experience.

Luckily, I’m a smart girl, so without knowing exactly who the artist in front of me was, I made a decision to be a part of the show. Unfortunately, I had just plaited my own hair into (I’m sure no more than) 20 braids that would be too cumbersome to pull out. The next best thing?

“ Sis, I don’t know who this guy is but you need to come NOW and get your hair cut off!”

I know NOW that “this guy” was Keith Campbell, here in my recollection dubbed KC (pardon my familiarity). KC, with his 20 years of doing hair, was clearly more in love with hair. He dated a girl, loved the grease scent of her hair-doing family and dived right in. To hairstyling. Ok, I’m sure there was more to it than that but… basically since then, he has built images, cultivated looks and sculpted himself into the Hair Architect.

So, I told you that spontaneity is the move! My sister actually followed my summons and arrived to be quickly escorted to the best chair in the house, Keith Campbell’s, of course. His gleeful reaction to my sister “just do whatever” was pretty contagious cuz pretty soon, there was audience.

OMG, Joanna is cutting all her hair off!

I’m remembering it now with my own sense of glee…..There is literally an audience..fans in the stands. Cheering on the star while he grins and cuts. Snip snip. My sister is really changing.

He cuts with charisma and precision. Shaves a section off one-handedly. No, literally. She lost the hair off her neck as he sliced and spliced with one hand and struck a pose for a nearby camera.

Rihanna (one of KC’s former clients) croons in the background. “Yea yea yea, so hard”..he sings along. Rocks a bit. Snip snip. We shout,”Are you excited Joanna?!” She blandly replies, “All I see is my hair falling.”

Hair falling and hair cutting—that’s KC’s way of being different, his way of teaching the lesson he seeks to teach women in all walks of life. His goals: Be the difference. Inspire women. Let them know that they are pretty just the way they are and using cuts to exude that. It’s all about deciding to be beautiful.

Wait. I just caught a glimpse of my sister and did a double-take. She looks beautiful.

There is so much dimension. It’s shorter than I expected. I see the sweat that has formed underneath Keith’s arms.

KC rapidly snips off the last layers of hair. They fall like rain. He offhandedly tosses a heap to his left. “What?!” says an astonished passerby. In less than a minute, the transformation is complete.

THREEEE TWOOOO ONEEEE! Joanna grabs the mirror in front of her after our countdown and gapes with an astonished shock. We’re all kinda holding our breath (I secretly think KC was too). Then she blurts out the words we all want to hear: “I love it!!”

So this isn’t really supposed to be deep or anything..my wandering reminiscent thoughts basically boil down to this: my sister got an amazing free cut. I got a thrilling art show exhibition. I’m pretty sure it made all us spectators feel kinda beautiful.


Thanks Keith Campbell.


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