Mornin’ Musing: Fix your face!

This girl and her perpetually stank face. Ready to wrinkle at the slightest change in environment. My face then wrinkles as I think, What in the world is wrong with her??


Every morning, I rush with hundreds of others to catch the last express E train leaving from the F line terminal in Queens (that’s just the NY MTA for you non-NYers). We all stand queued in position waiting for the train to come and as soon as the doors open, scurry to find an empty seat. It is literally a bum-rush. Those who find a seat suddenly go blank-faced and act as though they weren’t just a part of the still ensuing madness. Those who totally miss the mark and end up having to stand assume the “I didn’t really want a seat anyway” face. We all know its a front. C’mon, nobody wants to stand for those six stops until half the train pours out into the city!

I’m one of the “I’m too prideful to openly scurry but I’m def getting a seat” ones. Lol. Tenacious! Anyways, there’s one lady–who happens to be seated next to me as I write this–who I normally see on my morning grind. And every time I see her, her face is a mess. Like she just got in an argument or is ready for one. Always fidgeting after she finds her seat as if your arm happens to graze her handbag strap, it’s grounds for an argument. She actually has the features for a potentially pleasant face so I’m always perplexed. Why are you always so angry? It actually starts to disturb my psyche when I look at her so I always turn away.  Doesn’t she know her mornings will set the tone for the rest of her day? Apparently not. Below are some reasons why it would behoove this “stank” girl to fix her face.

Why I think mornings are–most?–important:

You woke up. Nuff said there.

My mind is always clearest and best in the morning. If I need to write or think something through, a fresh new day usually yields the best results.

There’s reason to be happy because the troubles of yesterday are behind you, at least momentarily, and the troubles of today have yet to arrive.

The attitude you start out with in the morning tends to trail you throughout the day. Good or bad. Like the difference between walking away and leaving the lingering scent of Chanel OR realizing someone’s lost pet possum has been following you around all day and that’s why people have been avoiding you. Your choice.

That being said, fix your face!! Have a good day.


5 thoughts on “Mornin’ Musing: Fix your face!

  1. Sharifa S says:

    The bum rush to the blank face is so hilariously true. Great visual… Well done! I have always said that someone should create a funny little NYC MTA commuter series. Its pure comey everday! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ymoran says:

    Hahaha, I’m one of those people with a default stank face (on the train especially) although half the time I don’t realize that I am being a stinky poo. I really need to fix my face; will keep this post in mind tomorrow morning!


  3. Courtney says:

    Haha this is great! The best part about stank face is that some people don’t even realize they do it! For three whole months I thought my coworker hated me- I don’t even know this lady and she’s giving me ugly looks? I eventually moved into the cubicle next to her and we began speaking more often. It was then that I learned the “stank face” was her everyday face. Each friendly interaction was accompanied by this soured glance, even as we said our weekend farewells on Friday. Years later, we still joke about how everyone thinks she’s a (b-word) when they first meet- still her facial expressions have yet to change.

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  4. DD says:

    I agree with Barbara! I was actually laughing as I read this because it is very true! People look so miserable during the early morning commute in NYC! We can all smile a little more 🙂


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