Morning musin’: Hurricane Sandy..

Hey all,

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I want to say that I’m very grateful to be alive and kicking. Many, unfortunately, cannot say the same and my condolences and prayers go out to you and your families. It always annoys me when people don’t take major weather forecasts seriously and complain about not feeling the effects of some major catastrophe when countless others would give anything to not feel the loss they experienced.

In this random bout of Internet service I happened to get, I’m gonna quickly sum up some of the damages Hurricane Sandy has wracked on the nation, particularly NY. This storm was SERIOUS. My info comes from various sources.

Highest rainfall: 15 inches in Maryland

More than 100 homes were destroyed by either fire or water in Queens, NY on Monday (so close to me!)

New York MTA system, the biggest public transit system in the nation, was SHUT DOWWN. That is a rare occurrence but with good reason. The majority of stations (including the tracks where I stand everyday!) were literally submerged in water.

Power outages surpass 7.7 million customers.

The Battery, NY had storm surges that rose nine feet higher than normal, leaving Battery Park sodden and muddy.

Most of downtown Manhattan and New Jersey are completely incapacitated. Meaning, many organizations including one of the top hospitals in NY aka my job, NYU Langone Medical Center, was shut down.

Winds went from 30 to 90 miles/hour overnight..leaving my streets looking FROM THIS:


to this:




(my house)


So although I’ve occasionally crashed into my nightstand for the past few nights, I stare anxiously at my electronic toys due to limited Internet/phone service and I’m–slowly but surely–starting to feel the numbing effects of endless hours cooped up with my loud dysfunctional family, these stats served as a reminder to myself that it coulda been worse. If you have eyes to read and absorb this post, you, like me, are better off than thousands of others. Thank God for life and peace of mind! Something a storm can’t sweep away…

Peace, yall. Stay safe.


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