A Day in the Life of Devon Dixon, Jr: Exploring Non-comformity

Morning world!

No intro here. No excuses for no posts for almost a year. Just here to share, release, write… I’ll be back…at one point or another 🙂 But for now, I’d like to introduce my dear dear friend, Devon Dixon.

devon dixon

Devon Dixon is what we’d call a three-in-one package, functioning as a musician, arranger and songwriter. A New York-native, he pulls and melds from the eclectic mix of music forms one can hear in the Big Apple Mecca and creates his music from a sincere place: daily listening, personal experiences, cultural ties and human awareness. This results in a unique sound that undulates and reverberates with passion.

Devon was always fascinated with music and began playing the piano at the age of 8. He continued to hone his talent throughout his childhood, leading to consecutive wins in numerous piano and songwriting competitions. After leaving his first college, Stony Brook University, Devon studied for two years at the Purchase Conservatory of Music and graduated with his bachelor in Piano Performance with a concentration in Jazz Studies. “My Jazz studies really taught me how to adapt to any type of music, and gave me the tools for which to explore my own musical creativity.”

After leaving Purchase, Devon continued working with local artists in various musical settings. With a rising desire to strengthen his production abilities, he took a few classes at NYC’s famed production school, Dubspot, and has since become a more proficient and experienced songwriter.

Today, Devon continues to perform at venues like The Nuyorican, Webster Hall, Creole, Pianos, Drom, in addition to serving as lead producer for local artists and his band, Ulso Deep.

Devon highly esteems values like love, individuality, and hope, and believes that music is a true connector of humanity–that true fusion is found in music. His current favorite quote: “Life is not about finding your limitations; it’s about finding your infinity.” [Herbie Hancock]

Check out his latest music and subscribe to his Youtube channel here. Seriously though? I’ve replayed the two songs below at LEAST 20 times each. Yeahhh, it’s just that the message (and music, of course) is just so real. The message behind one of them: “BE YourSELF! Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” NONCONFORMITY!

Watch and love for yourself.


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