Morning Muse: You give me butterflies…

My makeup brush is poised in hand. I smooth the ever-straying tendrils of my natural hair. I make sure to reach for a spritz of my favorite perfume. Then I stop and smile; the butterflies in my tummy just woke up. Did I say smile? I’m fighting the urge not to grin uncontrollably. Yup, all the signs of expectations of a hot date. Technically, he doesn’t have to be physically insanely HOT (I mean, within reason, of course), but what really excites me is the thought of major “clickage”—lots of humor, friendly banter, great conversation, the idea that we could be building something unbreakable. My excitement is all in the expectation. And I know I’m not only talking about the ladies! So, you know the routine: you get ready, flash a shy smile when he comes to the door, pretend you just threw yourself together and happened to look amazing, exchange nervous words in the car and then finally arrive to the restaurant. But before you can sit down, Sister Shaniqua calls your name.

HUH? Where did that come from?

Before you lose that little nostalgic buzz you may have gotten, hold tight for this mind-blowing thought. What if your hot date were Jesus? Maybe it’s not that mind-blowing, but if you’re anything like me, the words “hot date” and “Jesus” wouldn’t necessarily be used in the same sentence. It definitely wasn’t part of my verbiage till one young adult bible class Sister Shaniqua said, ” I’m about to go on a hot and heavy date with Jesus.” Not my words, y’all, but it did pique my interest. Then those words actually interrupted my own wishful reverie one evening. So I started to think—what if Jesus were my hot date? Meaning, I thought about Him all the time when we weren’t speaking, I took the time to get prepared for Him, I waited anxiously in anticipation of how much I’m going to learn about Him the next time we meet but consoled myself by replaying the sweet words he told me the last time…what if that were how I thought about my Jesus?

Those thoughts literally revitalized my Christian walk. The following morning, I found it hard to knock out on the train like I usually do. Instead I daydreamed and channeled all thoughts towards Jesus. It quickly got even more exciting because the truths I’ve always known hit me. Like wait! This is real. Jesus has promised to never leave or forsake you, to be there even when your mother, brother, girlfriend can’t. He’s never going to be the blind date that leaves you waiting and embarrassed. No. Instead, He waits for you. Even if you’re late. You are that special. You come to the meeting place and He’s always already there. The book of Revelations tells us that He stands at the door and knocks, waiting for us to open our heart doors to his love. It’s the part that I myself don’t really understand all the time. Imagine going on a date and you’re talking and relishing and basking in the moment and you get the heady feeling that he already loves you. It’s an unbelievable thought. But this is where my daydream ends. The rest of your own love story is waiting. It’s a guaranteed romance; it’s up to you to open it.



10 thoughts on “Morning Muse: You give me butterflies…

  1. Twyla S. says:

    Well said. Great write! It was so well-put, especially without being to “religious” or spiritually overbearing. Just right. I needed this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for this, girl!

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  2. Adesuwa says:

    Your writing is brilliant Shaloma. Last night, I got an email from a friend and she told me that I don’t have to depend or wait for a pastor, prophet… to commune or hear from God. I realized that I did place quite a bit (NOT ALL) of trust and dependence on them, humans, rather than on the Lord. I did so mainly because I felt like God would not listen to me or like I was not good enough to be heard from Him, but none of that is the case. He listens to us when we call. He DOES WAIT for us. I realized this morning that I have been wrong and I feel really bad, but I know I’m forgiven and that He’s not mad. He’s happy that I know now. No matter how wrong we are or get things sometimes, He’s always so faithful and awesome to us. Thanks for the great post and I’m so, SO happy for you. God bless!!!
    – Ade


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