My faith has a pulse: What if a man wandered into my bedroom?

If a man wandered into my bedroom…

Ahem. Well, hello there Michael B. Jordan, God’s precious creation 🙂

mike b jordan

What would he find me doing? This sounds a lil risqué, I know. But stay with me for a sec. And remember the name of this blog is called Tall Tales and Fancy 😉

Welllll now where were we? When I am in my bedroom, I’m usually splayed across my bed, fast asleep, oblivious to the world. But for those hours I am awake, what would a man find me doing if he walked in?

C’mon be truthful. There have been countless stretches of time you found yourself staring at yourself in the mirror–having absolutely meaningless random thoughts like, “I wonder why my eyebrows are shaped like this” or “ooo i think I look particularly photogenic today…yaaaass!” The latter situation could easily lead to lots of lip-pursing (Yes. I am referring to “duck-faces”) and a succession of selfies. Well, for the ladies. I’m sure guys stare at their arms (or beard curl pattern?) for prolonged periods of time too.

Would this guy find me studying? My books for school? My Bible? The latest New York Times best-selling novel I have yet to find the time to read? Or better yet, studying…Instagram?

You’ve probably figured it out by now. I am not thinking about no random—or known, for that matter—man wandering into my bedroom. Duh ☺ I’m thinking about Jesus. I’m literally lying down here in my terry robe and was thinking myself to sleep when my door kinda moved in that invisible wind doors tend to move in at night. And then I was like, “OMG, what if Jesus were to walk in my room?”

Ok I lie. My first thought was really “OMG, I really need a nightlight so I can verify that there’s nothing out there,” but then that thought was quickly followed by the other thought…hmmm interesting. Jesus walking into my room…

Honestly, I would probably scramble behind my pillows, clutching them in frantic fear and using them as a pathetic fluffy sort of armor. Just like the disciples did after He died, rose again and then paid them a little visit. I would mimic them, staring wide-eyed at Jesus and say, “ummmm this is scary. Why are you here?” What a joke. Not because of Jesus appearing but more because of my question. Technically Jesus is here. Why am I scared of who lives within me? Some kind of daily communication and fellowship should be going on…so in the unlikely (yeah, read Revelations about that real second appearance) event that he were to physically manifest himself, I really should be like, “omg Daddy, hiii!”

I know I’m pushing it a bit here but this is really where my imagination went. The point is, it made me think of my personal walk with God where I’m still discovering what it means to walk daily, consistently with God and be in constant communion with him. For him to be…my BFFL.There is a part of my heart that wonders sometimes, “Lord, are you really here with me?” or “This situation right now is really crazy and I’m really unsure and kinda confused about what to do and feeling a tad insecure but…you’re here with me. Right?”

My imagination eventually led me to sleep but I woke up, read this and felt a sort of amazement. I was clearly in some sort of sleepy delirium but it revealed a deep desire.

There is obviously a part of me that houses a little doubt. And doubt is a normal, human feeling. Especially now that we’re such intellectuals nowadays and want to know the logic behind everything. His disciples had some doubt. As a fellow blogger stated, doubt can be a sign that our faith has a pulse, that it is alive and searching. John the Baptist had doubts. After declaring that Jesus was the Messiah, later in prison, he had doubts. In Luke Chapter 7 that he called two of the disciples and sent them to ask Jesus, “Are you the Messiah we have been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone else? To put John’s mind at ease, Jesus said tell John I am doing exactly what the Scriptures predicted the Messiah would do.

In other words, to quell his doubts, Jesus pointed John to the fact book: the Bible. So when doubts arise in us, get the facts. Go to the book that came from God. Since God inspired—that is, He breathed out the Scriptures—we can trust them to give us facts when we doubt.

Hmm, maybe I won’t need a nightlight after all?



4 thoughts on “My faith has a pulse: What if a man wandered into my bedroom?

  1. Amber K. Boyd says:

    hahah i love this and that little silly night light picture at the end is still making me chuckle! I was hoping the man coming into my room was Andre 3000 but I concur that Jesus is much better. hahaa really good thoughts. thank you for having random thoughts and then sharing them! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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