Meet Kamar Green, Corporate Account Manager: “There’s NO reason for doubt”

Someone asked me the other day if I’m sexist. LOL. Of course not! I just happen to know a lot of successful women. But today, I’m bringing a man into the success fold. His name is Kamar Green and I can be found gawking at his extensive travel pics on Instagram (in January alone, he was in four countries), wondering whyyy I wasn’t invited. After all, I am his favorite cousin. Hehe. Yes, he really is my cousin. At family gatherings and holidays, my older family members gather us younger pups around the table and ask ::or badger, ahem:: us on what new goals we have, and give us tips on how to save, invest, and succeed.

Kamar in Beijing

Kamar in Beijing

I think it’s safe to say that he’s taken their advice really seriously. At 28, he’s lived in London for two and a half years, owns a Brooklyn multi-family home and is the manager of EMEA & APAC – overseeing the Account Management team across Europe and Asia, working closely with Investor Relations teams at Public Companies, and offering financial and market data to a number of different audiences. I’m hoping you’re as confused as I was when he explained it to me for like the 12th time. You know, so I don’t feel as slow. He broke it down for me and I still don’t know how to put this simply but basically, he’s an advisor for investment relation officers (they are the liaison between companies and shareholders). But I didn’t want to write about him just because he’s my successful cousin. I honestly admire his determination and wanted to share how he did it.

Kamar and I

Kamar and I at his farewell party – off to London!

Shaloma: As a brother, friend, landlord, and traveling businessman, how do your balance your professional and personal priorities (as far as time is concerned)? Is there a pull and tug with what to choose and when?

Kamar: I find it difficult. I think it is best to keep separate work and personal calendars to get to all the things that you plan to accomplish during the week done. For me, that can include reminding myself to grab groceries, or finishing an important work project I need completed. It really comes down to your personal work/life balance and I often find myself making my work calendar my primary one. I could definitely improve on this balance but I guess that is why my Sundays are spent in bed.

Shaloma: What does an average day look like for you?

Kamar: It depends on my calendar, but it can start as early as 4am, due to my team’s locations. My daily to-dos consists of responding/sorting through a couple hundred emails, and managing a number of meetings and client calls. I try to get to the gym three to four times a week.

Shaloma: How do you handle social media? So many of us get caught up in mindless scrolling/responding to emails and neglect our own goals and priorities.

Kamar: I might be one of those people, sadly (HONESTY!). What I mean is, I like to know what’s happening with my network. Going back to time and how crucial that is, it’s sometimes quicker to view – rather than text or call – some of my friends.

I just would like to put a note here because this is where I asked him ‘what do you wish you learned’ and ‘why does what you do matter?’ He didn’t have anything to say on those topics and I didn’t understand why till I introduced this new question.

Shaloma: Well, how do you deal with doubt?

Kamar: I don’t deal with doubt. Absolutely not. I just don’t. Doing well and succeeding is all about going the extra mile, putting in the time, taking advantage of your training – all those things, you know? During college, I envisioned myself in a Marketing or Communications role to some capacity but didn’t know that much about finance or investor relations. After graduating, I got thrown into Finance and within a really short period of time, learned what I needed to learn. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes. I took it as an opportunity to grow and develop in a unique, niche industry and now I have the opportunity to provide insight to others. When I started, I took work home all the time. I didn’t sleep much. I worked around the clock. Same for home ownership. I ate Ramen Noodles for 6 months after purchasing my first home in Brooklyn – the 50-cent packs, not the fancy Ramen Noodles that are a big trend now. But in the end, it was all well worth it. So there’s no reason for doubt. I approach these things with confidence knowing that I did what I should and that I have the full capability to learn and get the job done.

Shaloma: I just wrote a post on integrity and authenticity – it’s a topic near and dear to me right now. How do you remain true to yourself and your values in the middle of so many conflicting values?

Kamar: Come up with a game plan, whether it’s professionally or personally. Stick to your pre-thought out plan and don’t let anyone stop you. If I listened to everyone along the way (while their opinion definitely helped guide me), I’m not quite sure where I’d be today. The point is – have integrity in yourself, and know that if you’re focused and believe in what you’re pushing for, there shouldn’t be any excuses to achieve your goals.

Kamar in Santiago, Chile

Overlooking Chile

Wow. What a surefire way to get to know your family. I did NOT know that Kamar ate 50-cent Ramen Noodles for 6 months straight. What struck me most about this interview was his low tolerance for fear. I kept pressing him for an answer on regrets or fears – which many of us can have sometimes – and he felt like there was really nothing to say because everything in life just pushed him to push harder. No fears, no regrets. I am extremely inspired to be laser focused in my purpose as well as self-sacrificial so that there’s no room for doubt.

Kamar doesn’t have any sort of public platform but I’m going to try to get him to share some tips on investing. Stay on the lookout. In the meantime, let’s talk: What changes in your lifestyle, thought patterns, etc. would make you feel NO doubts in pursuing your purpose? My own answer is below in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Meet Kamar Green, Corporate Account Manager: “There’s NO reason for doubt”

  1. Shaloma says:

    In order for me to be more laser focused, I would totally rid myself of what people think, particularly people closest to me. So much has changed in my life in the last few years that I sometimes feel obliged to hold on to a certain persona. I don’t owe no human NUTHIN’! And neither do you. What we really owe the world is purpose. So I’m out here getting mine. Everything else will flow from there. ❤


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