I think you all want some of my high (no fooling!)

Happy Friday! I know that the brain cells move a little slower today and your mind is probably already on weekend plans so let’s get right to it: Why do you read my blog? Meaning, do you really know what TallTalesandFancy is about? What I’m about?


A friend texted me that not too long ago. She asked, “Shaloma, how would you describe your blog to someone who hasn’t visited?” I had to pause for a second because I hadn’t really thought to summarize it succinctly. I said things like “inspirational mind dump, a holistic journey of inspiration, teaching and sharing what I’ve learned.” I felt very proud of that answer until she said, “Refine that so your blog will be better. I want to know what you care about at your core.” I was like “wait, wait, what is she tryna say about my blog??!” But I quickly jumped off defense and really thought about her question: Outside of my projects and others, what does Shaloma care about?

I answered slowly…I care about peace. Peace with myself, and realizing that peace with myself is impossible if I don’t have peace with God. [then I start to ramble as I find my groove] Feeling unstoppable (and unpoppable) is great. But there are times when you by yourself just runs out. I ran out of unstoppable me’s and wondered, ‘How did I get here?! Why am I here?!’ We are human. So I had to find peace with God to begin feeling at peace with myself again. And my peace manifested with three major keys [thanks DJ Khaled]: 

  1. Believing I get a new slate EVERYDAY
  2. True change comes about with holistic living – just like you can’t target fat in your belly in your weight loss journey (sorry ladies), you cannot be more disciplined without changing almost everything in your life.
  3. Humility is key. I don’t know as much as I think I do. And knowing that leaves me open to take in more knowledge. And more. And more. I loveeee learning!

And that’s my core. That’s what I care about. Believing, Becoming, and Learning.


As you can imagine, this was a hella long text message. I ended up calling her and we spoke. And it turned out – she wasn’t trying to play me; my initial answers were still right on. But let’s be real, there are a million inspiration blogs out here. As creators of a brand, we often get caught up in what people want to see. But then our unique voices and ‘whys’ get lost in the din of people-pleasing and our brand looks just like the next one. The perspective we spoke about was refreshing: Tap into your core, your why, and you’ll do your work in a way that only you can do it. What am I led to do? NOT What do they want to hear? Only I can hit heavy topics in the way that I do, only Devon can create music the way he does, Therese plan events the way she does, and Diamond change the lives of young teenage girls the way she does. Who are those people? My friends I’m shamelessly promoting.

How do you tap in to your core? Well, first ask yourself: What do I care about? I figured mine out but I sometimes struggled with tapping in, especially when I tasked myself with writing consistently. When I wrote more sporadically, I would have the HIT many creatives do: I’m singing in the shower and then an epiphany HITS. I had to take drastic measures like say it out loud a million times, wet up my carpet as I scramble out to search for a pen and jot it down. Those random bouts of inspiration just don’t work when you write consistently, though.

So I learned that I have to create my high. My HIT. I’m constantly open to inspiration and that allows me to find my why frequently. I can tell when I’m writing and it means nothing to me. It’s not fun to write. It takes longer. When my work is pulled from my why, it’s almost an emotional experience. The posts that you all paid most attention to were the ones I was almost shy to send because it felt so personal.

And since we’re being so open here, can I be honest with you? Sometimes, I’m afraid to write my faith-based posts. As more and more people read my blog, I get afraid that it’s too much because not everyone believes in God. I have to fight that feeling when it comes. I go back to my core – when I was in my “How did I get here? Why am I here?,” which one of my readers gave me purpose? As lovely as you all are, it’s God who gives ME meaning. So I dedicate myself to finding meaning through Him and using it to inspire my work. Which then inspires you. And there! You get a piece of my high.


So I challenge you this weekend to find your why. I just shared mine. Blogger Shameless Maya gets into getting lost in pleasing her fans and finding her why again here. Share yours below! FIND YOUR WHY!


One thought on “I think you all want some of my high (no fooling!)

  1. Lorree says:

    Omg you are speaking what I think!! Are we of the same mind? I feel so many of the same things you were brave enough to put out there. I’m holding back writing a blog too cause it’s not easy and I don’t want to be so vulnerable. Thanks you so much for sharing. You have inspired me and this came right when I have had it on my mind.
    Keep on your high!! Blessings.


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