Resources I used: A follow-up on depression

Happy Saturday! It’s beautiful here in New York – I decided to take a long walk this morning and all the bugs in my neighborhood, who were apparently excited about the weather as well,  decided to join me…so I’m sitting here writing and itching. Anyways,

I was floored by the response for my last post. I mean, at one point I just sat down heavily and stared blankly at the wall. I never imagined it would have that kind of impact and that so many would relate. Friends started messaging me about their past or how they were scared because a loved one seemed to be slipping away. People I didn’t even know reached out asking for help with current struggles. And many others simply thanked me for being brave enough to share. At that, I just laughed.  Ya’ll, I am not fearless. In fact, this is one of the most vulnerable periods of my life – I am changing, things around me are shifting, and my dreams have outgrown my resources. But that’s the power of testimony. It’s moving in the midst of the uncertainty and you simply being you opens more doors.

I couldn’t just come back and say, “Great, now that you’ve all opened up your hearts to me about needing help and my stats are up, let’s talk about Chi-town.” That can wait for a second.

This post is listing just a few of the resources I used to help me climb. I inundated myself with books, workshops, sermons, and classes. The resources below are mostly about mental health but expand past that. Read books on wealth (a wealthy mindset is more than just money), on the world and other cultures (it takes your mind off you and your problems), on things that interest you or you’re talented in (because this sad season shall pass. I currently love architecture, fresh seasonal food, and beauty). OK, let’s get into your mindthis is where it all starts. Share this with someone you think may need it! I still read and re-read (and re-read) these books.

  • The Bible. The most important resource. Camera and manual. Ikea desk and instrux sheet. Inventor and product. People and Bible. If I’m broke down, I need to find the inventor of me, and what the manual says to go where so I can stand the way I should.
  • I Need A Day To PrayLet’s just get this out the way: I love Tina. I see my friends rolling their eyes right now. LOL. If you ever tuned in to the Mary Mary show, you’ll know her. She’s the fiery, loud, “I got something to say so Imma say it,” sister. I love her most because she’s honest. Even about the fact that her husband cheated on her with a close family friend and she almost killed him. I’m pretty passionate like that too (!) so I thought, “If God can help her, He can help me.” Her life is radically different now; her and her hubby are very much healed and in love. This book of prayers is life-changing and I STILL use it.I need a day to pray
  • Redeeming LoveThis here book is a full-on Christian fiction novel. I know you think you’re too manly for it but guys I know have read it. It’s the story of a prostitute and a man that chose to marry her and love her through her whoreish ways. Based on a real Bible story, it illustrates how God loves us though we put our friends, men, women, careers first, and when we finally get it, He’s still there. I’ve read it 3 times thinking, “but how….why?” Get into it.

Redeeming Love

Codependent No More


Battlefield of the mind

Actually It is your parent's fault

I used Redeemer Counseling Services, did workshops with Cleansing StreamPure Life Ministries and Momentum Education. I kept in touch with the leaders at my church, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle. I also had friends who listened, never judged or blamed, ignored me when I was moody and still checked in, made me laugh, spoke life and the truth in love. My fam was invaluable. I procured a long list of mental health practitioners and would be happy to email it to you if you live in NY.

Keep  walking ya’ll, one step at a time, and then once you get past one level of crazy, help a friend up.

Yeah I believe, I believe
But its a dream that I ain’t seen yet
Chasing a dream that I ain’t dreamed yet
But I’mma meet it halfway if I keep on walking, walking…

**Please note that this post does contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase any of the books I mentioned in this article, I get a small percentage of the sale, which helps me eat. 🙂


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