No limits, no boundaries: Chi-TOWN babeee!

Hey there, loyal followers! I hope your day is as sunny as mine. Warmth finally decided to settle in New York and it’s actually scorching if you walk more than 3 blocks. But I’m not complaining!

I wrote a post on Instagram and here on the blog detailing my issues with flying before Chicago. Long story short, my last five years of any air travel included EXCRUCIATING ear and sinus pain, temporary hearing loss, splitting impenetrable migraines, wheezing and common flu symptoms. Naturally, I got travel anxiety and resigned myself to 30-hr train rides and no international time. I wasn’t losing my hearing over no vacay. Till this trip, I hadn’t gone on a plane in almost three years. I know it’s only a local trip but it meant sooooo much to me!  Giving up meat, going HAM on water and vitamins, and just trusting God led to my first pain-free flight in years. And my first trip solo! Woooooot!

So begins my travel journal:

DAY 1: Chicago, IL. Flight day. I literally made NO plans for Chicago. I just wanted to land with hearing, ha! When I landed, I did a few victory dances, explored my GORGEOUS downtown neighborhood on the Chicago Transit Authority – which was almost as robust as the MTA in NYC – and went to a nearby music cafe to chill out.

Unfortunately, the snapchat video of my day isn’t uploading but here’s a quick look.




DAY 2: Chicago, IL. Don’t judge me but I woke up at 7 am only to get caught up in a book in my Airbnb host’s bookcase. It was way too philosophical a read that early in the morning. 4 hours later (!), I finally headed out, hit up some of Chicago’s finest touristy hotspots, met a sweet new subscriber (hey girl!!), and hopped on a 90-min architectural boat tour. That’s when I fell in love. ::flips hair:: “well hello there, Chicago. You look so good and dapper sitting here all pretty, with rippling water and amazing architecture.” After that lil tryst, I ended my evening with an amazing service at a local church – All Nations Worship Assembly. Amaaaazing energy, worship, everything!












DAY 3: Chicago, IL. Remember all the love I had for Chicago on Day 2?? Things changed after the wind blew and froze my bone marrow. I stepped out of my apartment that morning and turned right back around to put on everything I could possibly layer. ::brrr:: Chicago will have to be my long-distance love. My last full day was for doing things I don’t take the time to do in New York: going to the zoo, museums, the aquarium, the planetarium, etc. etc. I ended up purchasing the Chicago CityPass, which I highly recommend if you’re going to at least 3 places. It felt weird to be grown and at the aquarium admiring turtles with hundreds of children but I quickly got over it. I went back to the same church that night and man, it topped the night before!





Suspended in air, encased in a glass box, 1,353 ft in the air.


DAY 4: Off to Michigan!

I love, love, love Chicago – or what I got to see so far. I can’t wait to go back and visit all the places I didn’t get to go.

Stay tuned for a quick highlight on Michigan, sobering Flint trip coverage, and other #TTF topics.

Let’s talk: Have you ever been limited from doing something you love, determined to go after it, and succeeded?! After this trip, the world is now my oyster! Share your story below!


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