Embrace the Journey [series]: I still have anxiety*

I stopped short in my Embrace the Journey series (post one and two here) earlier than I intended to because life beckoned. What kind of series is only two episodes long?! Ha. So far, we’ve learned about the danger of watching others, and that the process cannot be rushed – at least not without paying a dear price. We’ve even unofficially elaborated with the very last post and how embracing your journey entails recognizing your weaknesses, and disciplining yourself to move forward despite never-changing adversity. So what’s left?


My answer came when I found out that 40 million American adults experience anxiety.  FORTY MILLION. Anxieties that are obvious, crippling, disabling, hidden, deceiving. I didn’t even understand what anxiety meant till I felt it for myself two years ago. Random bouts of anxiety still come as I think about my unmet goals but I have learned that trusting in God gives me much more peace than trying to control it all. Self-love can’t do it for me because if I could do it myself, I would’ve.

But let’s take this further. I have a friend who recently finished seven grueling years of schooling. Now a doctor, she confided in me: “I don’t even know what to pray about anymore – school consumed my life and mind, and now it’s all done.” We laughed then but I thought about it later. Imagine being crazy laser-focused on your goal, getting past current obstacles and then suddenly feeling wiped clean and free but lost. Which then gives you more anxiety. It makes me think of a colonoscopy. I haven’t had the pleasure of one but it conjures images of clogged harried people forced to fast; they are emptied out and eventually left dazed, loose bowelled, and full of air. What can I eat now?! Ahem. I digress.

Bottom line: It would be a shame to let our current circumstances consume our vision with crippling anxiety that they render us lifeless once they’ve stormed through. I’d like to wrap up the week and this series with this quick and dirty tip:

Live a multi-dimensional life. Below are a few things I’ve learneding to keep my cool.

  • Gratefulness. Gratitude is a humbling activity and it makes me realize how many things I have that others don’t. e.g. Legs, eyes, car, job.
  • A relationship with God. Not religion. I sometimes (read: often) get bratty with God but as I grow to trust that He wants the best for me, it becomes easier to submit to His plan for my life.
  • Travel. Not just to take pictures and snap but to actually get immersed in culture. It’s another form of gratitude and makes me realize that the world is so much bigger than my life.
  • Share life with others. (Start in the comment section below :))
  • Make new friends.
  • Seek counseling.
  • Engage in hobbies and good habits.
  • *Laugh at yourself. I stole the title of this blog post from the name of an actual website called, I still have anxiety. A Canadian-based illustrator, Jag Nagra, found a way to find humor in people’s secret anxieties. It’s hilarious (and a lil sad) – check it out.

This year has had its share of uncertainties but I can also say it’s been quite the adventure. On New Year’s 2017, I’ll know I lived my best year ever.**

**I did this program and super endorse it.


Share: How are you living multidimensionally, and diversifying your life experience?


One thought on “Embrace the Journey [series]: I still have anxiety*

  1. Desiree Elleston says:

    Hey girl, I just read you blog post and I love. That definitely was something I dealt with just this week .. Every now and then I have a breakdown when I look at my whole life comparing myself to where I want to be. Thank God for the ability to trust Him!

    Liked by 1 person

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